3 Home Upgrades To Invest In and 3 To Forget About in NJ (2021)

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What are the top three things that you can do to increase your house’s value before putting it on the New Jersey market? 

Keep reading to find out; read to the end to find a Quick N Easy alternative and sell your house fast!  

Just do it!



The best thing you can do is give the place a new lick of paint, specifically the:

  • family room, 
  • rec room, 
  • dining room, 
  • living room, 
  • bedroom. 

Paint it black?

No, the opposite in fact.

So what colors sell houses? 

And it was all yellow

Yellow seems to be trending at the moment, for some reason.

Light is right

If yellow isn’t mellow for you try any light color, white, gray, eggshell.

If you already have a bright color paint job, just touch it up a little. 

Paint colors are like sports referees, you only notice them if they are horrendous. You don’t want people to remember the color of paint in your house, it functions largely to:

  • brighten up the place 
  • complement the furniture
  • make the rooms look bigger so you get a better price.


And then there was light!

Lights, camera, action!

While the goal of the paint is to avoid attention where it’s hidden in plain sight, you want the opposite for light fixtures. You want people to notice the fixtures and how bright the rooms are. 

Old lighting fixtures decrease the value of the house. 

New lighting fixtures:

  • brighten up the room, 
  • make the room look larger 


The Replacements

They say everything can be replaced

Well, not quite everything.

So what should you replace?


  • wall outlets, 
  • faucets, 
  • knobs, 
  • door handles,
  • drawer pulls.

Spending a little amount of money on these kinds of things can go a long way. 

If you go out and replace the door handles on your depression-era door with something from this century your home will sell faster, as Franklin said: “Remember that time is money.” 

Old fixtures detract from the house’s value, and people get hung up on the minutest of little details. 

Ugly, dirty, outlets should be replaced with new GFCI or ground-fault circuit interrupter outlets.

Use bright wall covers to complement the fresh coat of paint.

Don’t do it!

Here are the top three things you mustn’t do! 


Itching in the kitchen 

Many people waste money on kitchen countertops. If you live in a C-class or B-class neighborhood, don’t over upgrade for the neighborhood. Nice Formica countertops are all you need. It’s what the buyers are expecting from the property, and it’s going to be too costly to put money in something that you don’t, like Granite countertops on a property. Get an inexpensive, Formica countertop that looks like granite or Corian. You don’t need to get all fancy, it’s a waste of money, there’s no return on investment. 


The wall

Many misguided sellers think (if you can call it thinking): “What if I knocked down a wall of my three-bedroom house to create a master suite for my buyer? Then we’ll have two bedrooms instead of three, and they’ll have a private entranceway to the bathroom. It could increase my chances of selling the property and increase the value of the house.” 

Not a wise investment.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it

Bedrooms shouldn’t be messed with in this way. Getting rid of a bedroom to create a master suite is a huge mistake. Keep the floor plan how it is. Leave those kinds of mistakes to the buyer. 


Over-egging the bathroom

Don’t over-upgrade the bathroom. You do not need to put in:

  •  a nice big bathtub with jets
  •  multiple sinks 
  •  a walk-in shower.

These aren’t things you need to do to your property, and, moreover, this is the number one way that people waste money on the property they are selling. Putting money into a bathroom does not bring about the type of return of investment that people think it does. So you want to avoid over-upgrading the bathroom because they should look simple, whether we’re talking about:

  •  the tub, 
  • the shower,
  • the little vanity mirror. 

Use some attractive tiles on the walls and floors where you can put some vinyl down. That’s all you need in a bathroom to make sure that you’re getting the best possible value for money. 

So there you have it. These are just a few suggestions regarding what to invest in and what not to. Before making these decisions think carefully about your target market to make sure that you sell the house as soon as possible, and at the right price, in order to get the return on investment that you are looking for. 

So what should you do?If these recommendations sound a little too expensive for your liking and you just want to sell your house fast then you may prefer to opt for a Quick N Easy Offer.

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