4 ways to attract home buyers in New Jersey (2021)

Let’s face it, homes can be hard to sell. So what can you do to sell your home quicker? What are the four best

March 17, 2021

Let’s face it, homes can be hard to sell.

So what can you do to sell your home quicker?

What are the four best ways to attract home buyers in New Jersey?

Homebuyers in New Jersey have different needs so preparing your sales strategy accordingly helps increase the number of home showings and means you will sell your house quicker

So, without further ado, here are the 4 best ways to attract interested home buyers in the state of New Jersey.


Spare us the clutter 

The decluttering of your home can seem like a mammoth, or even gargantuan, task especially if your family has been occupying the home for a number of years already. 

Objects tend to accumulate everywhere:

  • in the closet, 
  • on bookshelves, 
  • kitchen counters 
  • the garage 
  • washrooms. 

Clutter not only makes the house look ugly but it also makes a home feel smaller, which inevitably leads to a lower price in the end.

The fact that you are looking to sell your house fast, probably means that you are also looking to move. 

So take this opportunity to be proactive and start getting rid of things you’re going to toss out or donate eventually in any case. 

Pack up items you don’t need for the next few months and rent a storage unit if your garage is too small to store it without seeming cluttered.

Once everything is cleared up, you can then give the home a good old deep clean everywhere, including all those little nooks and crannies rarely, if ever, seen by the human eye. Once all the counters, bookshelves, and floors have been cleared up, you can go on to sweep, mop, and disinfect anything and everything you can. 

All this helps to give the home that sense of openness that potential buyers are looking for.


Time to repair the damage done

Don’t kid yourself or anyone else! If you know something needs to be fixed, then just get down and do it. 

This may seem like common sense but many homeowners think they will wait and see what happens when buyers start looking at the house.

Buyers will eventually find out about appliances that no longer work, leaky roofs, and problematic plumbing problems.


  1. First of all, because you are required by law to disclose anything you know to be a problem. 
  1. Secondly, if you happen to not be aware of the problem, the home inspection will surely discover it. 

Buyers will request repairs or credits – so you will pay for it, in the end, one way or another.

It is so much easier to disclose repairs, maintenance, and upgrades made while people are looking. It expedites the escrow process from lengthy repair requests and gives potential buyers the confidence to know you were a responsible homeowner that has taken care of what might be their new home.


All properties are a stage 

Real estate agents are always encountering clients who are reluctant to stage their houses. 

Unless they have a multi-million dollar home, most clients do not see the need for this additional expense of staging.

Bear in mind, however, that staging does not always mean moving everything you have out and renting all new furnishings. 

It can simply mean working with a skilled eye to rearrange the furniture you already have, remove the odd family photo, your personal heirlooms, and any unsightly art hanging about.

All that decluttering was a good start. 

Now is the time to make the house look like the kind of home everyone can visualize themselves living in. 

This will increase no end the number of people who will make a decent offer on the home.

Lower market price, higher traffic through the house 

It is always wise to set the market price for the house just under the expected fair market value.

Yes, I know it might seem counterintuitive to set a lower price than what the market says you can get for your house. 

So why do it then?

Here’s why, because when potential buyers are looking at homes, they are looking for specifics on:

  • size, 
  • location, 
  • condition, 
  • price. 

When the first three qualifiers are equal, then the buyers will look at the price as the primary sorting factor. 

In markets where there are a lot of buyers looking for homes, a lower price encourages more people to turn up, enter, walk around, explore and check out the place.

A good agent then holds open houses where loads of people turn up to behold the beauty of your home because it is:

  • clean, 
  • clutterless 
  • staged. 

This often leads to multiple offers. 

As a result, you (as the seller) are given the ability to bid up the offers to the amount that you consider to be the fair market price. 

This price often turns out to be much higher than the price you would have originally listed it for according to the fair market price.

So that is why it is essential to list the house at a lower than normal price.

If, however, all this sounds like a lot of trouble and you just want to sell your house fast then reach out to us for a Quick N Easy Offer. 

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