5 Costs To Expect With A Traditional Sale of Your Middlesex House

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Not sure if working with a real estate agent is the best choice when selling your house? Check out our latest post to see all of the various costs you can expect in a traditional sale!

Although real estate agents are the most common route taken when selling a house, it may not be the best decision for everyone. Being aware of all the potential costs is important before making your choice. Before you can make money from selling your property, you need to take note of all the things you need to spend on to make a successful sale.

If you opt to sell your house in Middlesex through an agent, here are five major expenses you should anticipate:

Repair Costs

In Middlesex, most people selling their houses will have to make some repairs first. Even small issues can quickly become expensive, and if your house needs major renovations, the cost grows much higher.

Once you list your property and receive an offer, an inspector paid for by your potential buyer will evaluate the condition of the house. Buyers want to make sure that the home they will be living in doesn’t have issues that will cause them problems in the long run. They want to get their money’s worth, so it’s important to make the repairs or renovations necessary to catch their eye.

If all goes well, the buyer will be happy with the state of the house. But sometimes, they will come back with claims of undeclared damage that they want you to either pay for or fix before finalizing the sale. You’ll want to make sure that everything is pristine before showing it to potential buyers, so you won’t have to cover any more costs after the sale has been completed.

Professional Cleaning

When you list your house on the MLS in Middlesex, you want to make a good impression. Even if your house is clean and tidy by your standards, it may require the services of a professional cleaning crew. Or maybe all you need is to hire someone to clean the carpets, powerwash the outside, or rejuvenate stained floor tiles. Either way, these things will cost money and take up your time, which is valuable in itself.

Marketing Fees

The services provided by a real estate agent in Middlesex will change for every agent. While some agents offer free and comprehensive marketing plans, others might only provide the bare minimum. You’re probably familiar with different types of listings; some houses are staged with professional photos to make small spaces look bigger than they actually are.

There are listings with photos taken by cell phone cameras that don’t make the house look appealing. If you want your listing to be one of the top-of-the-line ones that will get more attention, it might cost you more money in the long run to get professional photography done.

If you do choose to list your house in Middlesex, double-check what’s included in the package. Between exclusive listings, signage, and print materials, there can be numerous hidden expenses you weren’t expecting.


Before you decide to work with a Middlesex real estate agent, make sure that they will be able to help get you the amount of money for your house that makes their 6% commission fee worth it.

Real estate commission fees can be prohibitively expensive for some. Working with an agent can be great and pays off, but this isn’t always the case. Directly selling your house might be a better option for some Middlesex homeowners who don’t want to have to worry about dealing with an agent’s fees.

Closing Costs

When working with Quick N Easy Offers, many of the typical costs associated with selling a house, such as recording fees, settlement fees, title search fees, surveys, and prepayment penalties, can be eliminated. On average, real estate closing costs in Middlesex amount to 1-3% of the final sale price.

Are you curious about how much it will cost to sell your house fast in Middlesex? We would love to chat with you and answer any questions that you may have! Plus, you won’t have to spend for repairs, commissions, or other extra costs when you sell directly to us at Quick N Easy Offers. Give us a call today at +1-732-737-6623.

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