6 Tips For Moving Long Distance That Will Make Your Life Easier

If you want to sell your home fast so that you can go on to buy your dream home far away then read on

March 30, 2021

If you want to sell your home fast so that you can go on to buy your dream home far away then read on to find out exactly what you should do to make your life much easier. 

Moving can be really tough no matter how far away you are going. 

But moving a long distance can add additional stresses and also a sense that you are jumping headlong into the great unknown.

In order to keep the process as easy and manageable as possible, we have put together some unbelievably great tips for moving a long distance in New Jersey.


Perfect packing

Learning how to pack like a pro is an essential skill whenever you have to move.

There are many clever tricks you can utilize to pack all of your beloved possessions efficiently. If it makes sense in your situation, you could wrap up all your clothes in dresser drawers. 

Be sure not to leave even the smallest of spaces in those boxes.

Pack items within each other. 

For example, put all your silverware inside your Tupperware. 

Wrap linens and towels up in black trash bags, and then you can use them to pad the boxes.

It might not be the most glamorous act you ever carry out in your life, but it is a great way to be efficient, and efficiency is key when preparing for a big move.


Downsize for a new start

There is no better time than the present to purge your belongings for your fresh start. 

Even if the new house is similar in style, you are not going to want to bring it all along with you. If it is not something you absolutely love, then now is the time to either sell it or simply give it away to someone who might need it more than you. 

Donating such unnecessary items can be quickly and easily donated and, moreover, they may be willing to collect it from your house so it could not be simpler. 

Oftentimes people move with all their possessions, only to find that many months later they are still surrounded by the same boxes they have never gotten around to unpacked. 

If it is not something you love or need, you are probably not going to miss it very much.

Also, if furniture costs more to ship than it is worth, you might want to consider leaving it behind instead.


Careful contracting of movers 

It is very important to take heed when hiring your movers.

Always keep sentimental items and valuables – such as jewelry, money, important documents, and the like – with you if at all possible. 

For items of value, that you will not be moving on your own, have the items insured just in case they become lost or damaged. 

Accidents happen, and it is rare that something does not go wrong or something is not lost in transit. 

You may be lucky but why take the risk. If it is something with taking then it is something worth not losing or being broken. 

Make sure to mark boxes with your name and address as many big moving companies will move several different families’ items on one big truck altogether.


Driven by you 

Put yourself in the driving seat of the move. 

If possible, drive your own car, this way you can see the county (or the state of New Jersey) and make it a little adventure. 

Shipping a car can be expensive and can have ambiguous dates of arrival. 

Many shipping companies wait until they have many cars to move, before getting your car loaded up and on the road. 

Being in a new city, without transportation will get very frustrating, very fast.


Hey big spender!

You should be prepared to buy some new things for a new life in a new house. 

As with any move, there are always things you will inevitably need when moving into your new home. 

Think of purchasing a new dish drainer, silverware organizer, paper towel holder, and other similar items.

Plan ahead and stash a little cash away for these purchases. 

You would not want to add any additional stress to the move by worrying about buying the little things you will need to make your house a home.


A little patience goes a long way

You need to be patient and just give it a week or two.

When you find yourself in a new town, it is more than just physically settling into your new house. 

You must settle in emotionally too. 

It will take a couple of weeks to really feel comfortable in your new town.

Get to know the area, and do some exploring. 

Be patient and you will feel right at home in no time.

So now you know how to move long distances you can get on with selling your home, if you still need to, and looking for a new one. 

Quick N Easy Offers is here to help so please reach out to us.

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