Is It Possible to Sell a Home in Middlesex NJ with Judgments

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Selling a house is a mammoth task. Selling a house with judgments in Middlesex, NJ, however? Even bigger. It’s not that it can’t be done. It’s just that you should expect a lot of changes to the traditional home selling process and for the sale to take longer than it typically does. Keep on reading to learn how you can deal with judgments on a property in Middlesex.

What is a Judgment?

Just as the name says, a judgment is a court ruling against you and in favor of an individual, business, or organization such as a government agency.

Unlike a lien, however, a judgment just refers to the decision itself. While it has no bearing over your Middlesex property, it can, however, hurt your credit score and may result in further legal actions. A judgment lien, on the other hand, is an official document filed against your Middlesex property and clouds the title.

Can I Sell a House with Judgments in Middlesex, NJ?

Yes, you can! If your creditor still has not filed a lien against you, you can sell your Middlesex home with no title issues. Basically, you just need to go about your traditional way of selling. Once the title has been transferred to the new owner, your creditor can no longer place a lien as a way to get payment from you. This is because judgment liens are attached to the property and not to any single person.

If a lien has been placed against you, it creates title issues. Before you can sell your Middlesex property, you’ll most likely need to appease the judgment.

How Long Does a Judgment Lien Last?

That depends on the state and sometimes even the cause of the lien. Each state has its own rules against liens. For instance, in NJ, liens can last up to 20 years. Again, this is attached to the Middlesex property, not the property owner.

How Do I Sell a Middlesex House with a Judgment Lien Against It?

Selling a Middlesex home with a judgment lien, like we mentioned in the introduction, is complex. While it can be tempting to sell it without informing the new owner, we discourage this as this can lead to legal consequences.

Pay Your Debts Before Selling Your Middlesex Home

The first way you can sell your Middlesex house with judgments is to clear the lien. To do this, you need to pay the amount owed. This isn’t always possible, though, especially if the amount is more than what you have.

Negotiate with the Buyer

You can try negotiating with the buyer. This will usually include taking a price cut in order to persuade the buyer to pay for the lien themselves.

Pay for the Lien Using Proceeds

Another way you can sell your Middlesex home is to come to an agreement that the lien will be paid off after closing using the money made from the sale.

Sell to a Professional Home Buyer!

If you’re sitting there and wondering “is there anyone out there who can buy my house fast in Middlesex, NJ even if it has judgments?” then you’ve come to the right place. Selling a Middlesex home with judgments can be nerve-wracking, but this doesn’t have to be the case when you sell your Middlesex home to a professional cash home buyer such as Quick N Easy Offers!

At Quick N Easy Offers, we help homeowners sell their home in Middlesex fast by buying their houses directly. We buy houses in Middlesex, NJ and offer quick and convenient turnaround times that can help you avoid the risks of foreclosure.

Our buying process is simple: give us a call and we’ll schedule a property viewing appointment. No need for staging, repairs, or any unnecessary costs on your end. From there, you can expect a fair cash offer on your property within 72 hours or less. If you accept our offer, we can close the deal and transfer your money in as fast as 14 days.

Contact Quick N Easy Offers to Learn More

Judgment liens can have a huge effect on your house selling journey. If you’re looking to sell your Middlesex house to pay off your debt as soon as possible or just get it off your hands completely, skip the market, and sell directly to Quick N Easy Offers. Our team can help you avoid foreclosure and provide you with a fair cash offer and a quick turnaround time for your ease and convenience.

Contact Quick N Easy Offers today to schedule your Middlesex property viewing by calling us at (732) 737 – 6623.

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