Legal Agreements When Selling a House in New Jersey

Legal Agreements When Selling a House in New Jersey With COVID-19 still causing economic turmoil in many parts of the country, many people started

December 15, 2021

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Legal Agreements When Selling a House in New Jersey

With COVID-19 still causing economic turmoil in many parts of the country, many people started the process of selling properties in New Jersey. This led to an increase in the number of people relocating elsewhere, particularly in different parts of New Jersey. You may be one of those people considering the same thing and have considered selling your property. If you have, this article will discuss the types of legal agreements involved in selling a house in New Jersey that could be helpful to you as you initiate the sale.

Selling a Home in New Jersey

Selling a home can be overwhelming for both the buyer and seller. It’s crucial to understand the elements of a sale, or you could end up losing money. For example, if your contract isn’t written properly, your sale will likely fall through, and you’ll have to hold on to the home. Another possibility is that you might have failed to disclose a defect in your basement, like water damage. If the buyer discovers this during the inspection and refuses to buy the home, you’ll be out of the sale money.

Since real estate is such a big investment, probably the biggest investment you’ll ever have in your entire life, it is important to come to the table prepared so that you can ensure that you’re not taken advantage of and end up coming up behind instead of ahead. It is thus essential to have a good real estate attorney by your side for the duration of the process, guiding you through each step and making sure that all of the Ts are crossed.

Signing a Listing Agreement in New Jersey

Homeowners sign a form called a listing agreement before they meet with real estate agents who are interested in selling their houses. A listing agreement is a legal contract that gives the real estate agent the right to sell the house. There are various types, but three of them—exclusive agency, exclusive right to sell, and open listing—are most common.

Exclusive Agency – This is the most popular choice, and it means the real estate agent has exclusive right to sell the property. This means that the agent may not advertise the property in any other way. The buyer may not see it on a “for sale” sign, they may not see it advertised in the newspaper or on the internet, and they won’t see it on a real estate agent’s website. Buyers will only see it when the real estate agent brings them to the property.

Exclusive Right to Sell – This is a less common option, and it’s similar to the previous form of agreement except that the real estate agent is allowed to publish the property before it goes on the market. This is more common in smaller towns and cities that don’t have a lot of real estate agents. In these cases, the real estate agent can still be selective and won’t have to worry about finding a buyer. Keep in mind that if the property is sold to someone with whom the agent has a connection, the seller may want to change the agreement.

Open Listing – This is the least common option, and it means the real estate agent isn’t responsible for finding a buyer. For instance, if your home doesn’t sell, the agent isn’t responsible for finding a new buyer. This may be an attractive option for many people, as they are allowed to find the buyer themselves through a friend or colleague.


As you can see, there are several factors to consider before selling a home in New Jersey. These factors include the type of contract you sign, the type of agent you hire, and the potential buyer’s interest in the property. For a successful sale, you’ll need to consider the basic components of a contract, the type of agent, and the buyer you select.

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