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Our goal is to offer peace of mind to sellers that their home will be sold on their time frame with little stress. Some of those situations that we typically deal with are listed:

inherited home

Even though inheriting a house can initially seem like a generous gift from a family member, the process soon starts to cause problems. In most cases, the property has fallen into your hands because of the death of a loved one, which only adds to the stress of dealing with all the subsequent financial decisions that come with inheriting such a property. The best way to manage the situation is to know your options, assess the financial consequences of your choice, and work out how to navigate all the tax and legal requirements.

vacant home

There are some advantages to showing a vacant house. Sellers are usually advised to declutter and depersonalize the place before prospective buyers look around because it makes cleaning easier and the rooms seem larger. Also, there’s no need to call the occupants ahead of time when you have people who want to look at the house. However, there are drawbacks as well, for example, when looking at photos and touring empty houses, buyers may fail to see the benefits of a vacant property. In short, vacant isn’t always pretty.

transfer divorce

It is said that moving house and divorce are two of the most stressful events in life. So doing both at the same time is more than enough for anyone to deal with. Even amicable divorces involve legal and administrative matters that need to be sorted out. Perhaps the most difficult thing to do during a divorce is to sell your family home. Selling a house is not so easy because it involves transferring the property to one partner.

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