5 Costs You May Not Be Aware of When Selling Your House in Middlesex, NJ

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If you’re considering selling your house, there are a few extra costs you might not know about. Listing with a professional or going the FSBO route both come with their own unique expenses. If you want to be able to sell your home without a hitch, you need to be aware of the expenditures when selling a house in Middlesex, NJ.

As you continue to read, you will learn all about five of these potential costs when selling in Middlesex.

Commissions and Fees

There may be costs associated with hiring an agent, such as the brokerage services and other fees connected with utilizing them. Even if you sell on your own, a buyer is likely to work with an agent who will take a cut of your earnings. Each agent can demand different commission rates, but expect to pay at least 5-6% of your profits to them. You need to be open to all possibilities so you don’t mistakenly hire an agent that will take a larger cut of the costs than necessary.

These commissions and fees can add up to thousands of dollars and might not be something you’re aware of when selling your property in Middlesex.


Marketing your home is critical to listing success, and while yard signs may help sell a house, the internet should be your main focus. Social media marketing is a valuable tool when trying to get your home to sell quickly, but doing a good job takes a lot of know-how.

Quality photos are key in online listings. They need to be high quality and preferably submitted by a professional photographer. Doing so will give buyers realistic expectations and instantly know what they’re getting. Also keep in mind that today’s potential buyers expect virtual tours of properties they’re interested in, so you may need to hire a professional drone pilot for this service, adding to your growing costs.


One of the most important and stressful expenses when selling a home in Middlesex that you may not be aware of is prepping your house for sale. Unfortunately, this could wind up being the last thing you want to do as a seller if you aren’t looking forward to spending even more money on the property. Inspections have the potential to deliver some incredibly bad news, particularly in older properties.

Problems with the home’s structure, foundation, or plumbing can end up costing you thousands of dollars. If you are aware of any issues with the property, you must disclose them to a buyer. And if you cannot afford repairs, be prepared to lower your asking price by that amount.

Holding Costs

When you hold on to a property that is still on the market, you may not be aware of the costs involved. Your buyer being denied financing may cause a delay. If you’ve made preparations and relocated, keeping ownership of the home is a burden and adds significantly to the listing expenses of selling your home in Middlesex.

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Closing Costs

There are also a few more costs that you, as the seller, may not be aware of when selling your house. Some examples include the transfer tax and title insurance, but there might also be escrow and closing fees–along with any HOA fees, attorney fees, and prorated property taxes. In order to make the deal more enticing for buyers, some sellers offer credit towards their closing costs.

You could be looking at a modest amount of money that you will have to spend unawares when selling your property in Middlesex, NJ.

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