What to do about bad tenants in your Middlesex property

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Every landlord’s worst nightmare is having to deal with bad tenants. There are a variety of reasons why a renter could be awful, and it is not always easy for property owners to deal with problematic tenants.

If you find yourself looking up ways to deal with terrible tenants, you’re in luck! We’ll talk about what to do with bad tenants in Middlesex, NJ as you read along.

To start, let’s first identify the common types of terrible tenants.

No respect for the property

Tenants who damage property are a huge and expensive problem for landlords. Some tenants do not care for the property as they should, while others decide to make unauthorized “improvements.”

Late payers

Definitely a part of this list would be late and non-payers. Late payments, no payments, or partial payments can wreak havoc on a landlord’s financial well-being. No matter how hard you try, chances are, you may still come across late payments now and again.

Habitual complainers

Another type on the list are the habitual complainers. They complain about everything, continuously call, at all hours, and for everything, including unreasonable requests.

Law breakers

Some tenants are problematic to the point that they already break the law. Common ways that tenants break the law ranges from illegal selling or harboring of drugs to violent crimes and nuisance complaints. If a tenant in your Middlesex property becomes criminally active, it is best to consult an attorney for advice.

Extended guests and subletters

Tenants who try to sublet the property or have multiple extended guests can create liabilities for a landlord. Someone in your home who is not on the signed lease is not bound to the rules that apply. Getting them out can prove to be a lengthy and expensive court battle depending on the circumstances.

Now that we are familiar with the different types of bad tenants, here are some tips in dealing with them.

Have an iron-clad lease

In your lease agreement, make sure to cover all the details. Have the rental agreement reviewed by an attorney and leave no room for error or misinterpretation.

Keep records of everything

One of the best ways to avoid conflict with your tenants is to keep written records of everything. Yes, it may be a bit tedious but it is definitely worth the trouble as it will decrease the chances of a bad tenant trying to dispute a charge or something else with you.

Be calm and rational

It is understandable if your emotions get the best of you when dealing with a bad tenant. However, dealing with these problems while you are at the peak of anger might make the situation worse. As the landlord, keep in mind that you need to be the voice of reason.

Make sure to evaluate the situation from all angles and take the time you need to come to the best solution. Your tenants will be a lot more receptive when you approach things with a level head.

Try to get tenants on your side

Implement the “kill them with kindness” strategy with your tenants. Go out of your way to be kind to them—be extra patient, respond quickly to any emails or calls—and this may result in a positive outcome.

Although this may not work with some terrible tenants, it can help you win them over and build a relationship. Once you have created a good relationship with your tenants, you will typically find that they’re more likely to comply with your rules.

Ask the tenants to leave

When it comes to the worst case scenario, you might need to ask your tenants to leave. While getting a problematic tenant to leave voluntarily might prove difficult, it is not impossible.

How do you evict a tenant in Middlesex? Start by sending them a Written Notice to Vacate per the lease terms, and they will know that you want them to leave.

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